Saturday, May 2, 2009

2 YEARS!!??!! & A Cowboy Birthday!!

My little wrangler nephew and his fellow cowpokes joined up for a whooping & hollerin' birthday celebratin' bubble blowin' hotdog eatin' afternoon down yonder in a little town they call Cesear! You never saw such COWBOY action---> there was even a cowboy hat wearin' cacti [N' rattlesnake too] for targets from the watergun slingin' brood! Some lil' cowgirls tried their hand at mustang ropin' and ended by playin' with Cowboy Earl for some hulahoopin' trickery & action!! All in all the whole buncha folks what gathered seemed to pass a good time!!

(oops! Seems a little cajun injection happened there at the end of CowSpeak *rofl*)

ENJOY the precious pics of our littlest McCoy cowboy!! :)

Baby blue eyes! :)

OH NO!!! The sniped pictures are SO SMALL!!! I'll try to fix this soon but get out your glasses girls & guys -->these pix are TOOOOOOO cute to miss!

Takin' a ride round the bend on little Sota (who was bought WAY before the birth of the boy on a trip to Minnesota! His twin Sippi {bought in Mississippi of course} stayed on the ranch and missed the party)

Blowin' out those candles! He has been in training for this moment for nearly a year now!! :) ADORABLE...just look at those cheeks! :)

Here is the best cowboy cake a boy could ask for! Designed and created with love by his Mom & Dad!

Now can you believe these cuties??? This is Andy with his favorite cowgirl, Jenna! They are buddies daily-->and I hear Jenna tells everyone she has a little brother! :) SO CUTE!!

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