Saturday, May 9, 2009

Pool Opening Day & Birthday Happiness!

We spent a fun weekend with the Lakota tribe!! Time for POOL DAY!!! Splashing and plant trimming with a few brewskis made it a fantastic afternoon!!

Chief Fuzzy Bear and Dances on Stix brought a wonderful birthday surprise for me and all of us!!! The most remarkable SUSHI feast EVER!!!! It was a great weekend full of some incredible moments of Lakota family time!! I loved every minute of it!!

Thanks SOOOOOOOOO much for the awesome birthday goodness M & B!! YOU TWO ROCK!!! :)


Jeff, Brandy and Andy said... that I have made my posts....Time for you to make one!

Jeff, Brandy and Andy said...

Don't think Ginny is EVER gonna update her blog! Maybe we will see an update by Christmas...Didn't think it was possible to have a longer time since last update than we had!