Friday, March 19, 2010

Black Eyed Peas!!!!!

Woooohooooooo! I've got a feeling!!!! Tonight's gonna be a good night! Tonight's gonna be a good good night!!!

AND IT WAS!!! Got to see the BEP rock the house at the Houston Rodeo!!! Barrel racing...bull riding....a calf scramble....mutton bustin....corndogs...funnel cake...upset tummy....WHAT A NIGHT!!! :) [OH and that red blurry picture is an actual Ginnydreamin masterpiece of night photography *ROFL*][I think I post these pics to entertain myself more than anything]

Also squeezed in 5 miles of seat time with contact & pollen issues earlier in the day! :) Matt became one with the bike clipping himself bravely to the pedals like a REAL cyclist!! YIKES!! It scares the living bejimminy out of me to even THINK of clipping myself to the bike but most of you know I'm a BIG CHICKEN!!! Maybe with a few hundred more miles on this bike and I'll think about it??
THE GOOD NEWS IS: NOONE HIT US!! :) Yipeeeee!! :)

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