Saturday, March 13, 2010

Ride like a girl!!!!

OK--this is a quickie post to let you all know I'm not dead yet!! :)

BUT praying may be in order!! Remember last year when the SO and I signed up for the 180 mile bike ride from Houston to Austin but then dropped out b/c of unfortunate circumstances preventing us from getting the gear etc. to be able to attempt the ride. WELL--> we didn't learn a lesson by that dropout at ALL....NOR did we learn the proper way to TRAIN for said event!!

Here we are a mere 5 weeks to the ride and we are sadly (and SORELY) NOT in shape for this ride!! This weekend 20 miles into a headwind nearly killed me! :) *ROFL* Yes...seriously I bet I stopped 18 times (at least) during the 20 miles!!! ANYWHOOOO---> there is no QUITTING!!! Who knows if I'll make 5 or 105 miles?? I'm pretty sure NOT to make 180 (heehee) but for better or for worse April 17th is coming fast!! AND I NEED TO PEDAL FASTER!!!! :) Wish me luck!! I sure do need it!

The picture above is in George Bush Park (where we were riding) but was not taken by me! I failed to pack the camera for the voyage so only sniped an internet pic for you to see!

LESSONS LEARNED: 1. Biking with traffic on Westheimer is SCARY!!!
2. A headwind makes it feel like all directions are UPHILL! :(

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