Monday, July 7, 2008

Back to H-town!

I'm back from a much-too-quick trip home! I spent the 4th with the folks at the Frog Farm!!! We passed a real good time! :) As per the "norm" with those McCoy's we got some work and some play done!

The red-headed toddling bandit was victim to the Auntie Paparazzi nearly the whole time! Poor little darlin' --I'll upload a sampling here tonight but will have to have editing time for the remainder! He is growing WAY TOO FAST and is just a doll! I have witnessed the wobbly run! He can say "Da-da-da-da" for his Daddy, "Mama" for the obvious, "pop--pop--pop" for "Poppa", and "ALL GONE." He loves his Nonna and LOVES to be outside! He has the most fun playing under the table with Max & Sophie (the poodles)! Andy even is learning to use a fork when he is eating-->SO cute!

Visiting was great with the fam and I miss them already. GOOD NEWS --> I have bothered my baby bro enough that he has started a BLOG OF HIS OWN!!!! YAY!!! :) Now there are TWO sites you can catch a glimpse of our family mischief.....IF YOU SO DESIRE!! :D The newest member of the family blogging community (yes, community of TWO) can be found at ALREADY ADORABLE PICS OF THE LITTLE ONE EXIST THERE!!! SO, please go visit and leave a comment or two to keep the newest blogger encouraged to continue POSTING :)

I took Mom for a "girlz only" birthday lunch at a family favorite which we hadn't visited since the dreadful Katrina paid a visit! Mandina's got about 6 feet of water but renovated and reopened!!! DOWN BUT NOT OUT!! We had a terrific time and the best oysters I've had in years!!!

We really EXPERIENCED this watermelon!! ...requiring a bath afterwards for BOTH!

Yes, its true...the babe is due a haircut soon and will lose those precious curls!

Took a drive down through the park! :)

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Jeff, Brandy and Andy said...

My word those curls look like fire in that picture! Glad to hear you made it back okay! Missing you already! Can't wait to see you again!