Thursday, July 10, 2008

Belated PICS from home!

I have to share the earlier promised photos of my TOO CUTE nephew from the trip I made home over the fourth of July weekend! Sorry for the delay but July and early August have literally been a BLUR for us! :D

I want to go help Poppa!

Still MOMENT with Nonna!

Lots of 1st's this weekend!! Here is the first WATERMELON which Andy and I both ended up wearing! Also his 1st OT sensory activity! *heehee*

First time with free reign of a water hose! SOOOOO FUNNY! He was mesmerized!

How did I get wet?

Aunt J has to SPOIL decided the boy needed his OWN pool to play in!

I think he liked it!

Yummy morning harvest from the Frog Farm summer garden!

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