Sunday, July 13, 2008

Whirlwind trip to Arkansas!

We made a wild-n-whacky trip to the Ozarks again to pick up some things and attempt to help out M.A. if we could! It was much TOO fast of a trip and we wished we had a few more days to spend there! We had a great time! Thanks so much for having us M.A.! We are already looking forward to another trip when we can actually do more visiting!

It would have been my sweet Aunt H's birthday this weekend. It was kind of cool to be amongst people and places that she loved on her day. Saying that I miss her immensely doesn't really do it justice. Love & hugs to the spirit of you Aunt H!!!

Odie had a FABULOUS time! Here he is in the car with me waiting out a sudden rainstorm!

He found a SUPERBIG ball in M.A.'s yard that entertained him the entire time we were there!! :)

Hey Jake! Remember this??? Awesome memories of picniking, S'more making, and such!

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