Saturday, October 11, 2008

Adventures at Dewberry Farm

After a big change of plans thanks to an emergency hand situation at Cy-Fair, we all took off for an afternoon of kiddie fun at a local pumpkin farm! The weather was perfect and it was definitely entertaining to watch four adults try (and I do mean TRY) to keep up with a 17 month old!! AuntGinnyPaparazzi was two cameras strong and ready for the challenge to document the day!

ANDY had a total blast and wasn't even ready to go when the rest of us were (despite nearly falling asleep on his Daddy's shoulder on the walk back to the car *heehee*)!!

Welcome to Dewberry Farm!!

Check out Andy's cool ride!! :)

Andy was intrigued by all of the animals! He loved the goats!! (We'll tell him the story of Lucky Seven and family later...)

The goats loved helped that he was feeding them! :)

He watched the baby chickens!

...and the baby pigs! He loved the cows, the donkey & the horsey too!!

We never made the pumpkin patch but he did enjoy playing in the pumpkin pile for a few minutes!


Look at this tractor!! He could almost reach the pedals!


What do you mean "It's time to go!" Aunt J??? :)

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