Saturday, October 4, 2008

Viva Las Vegas!!!!

Eight friends and Vegas are a busy but good combination!! We started our morning at 5am after going to bed at this point of the trip I was at a RESTFUL 3 hours of sleep since Thursday night!!! *heehee* Good thing George was driving! (Oh yes we got his pic!! Fed him breakfast too!! Spiced up the morn for Maverick Heli's!) The things girls will do to see the Grand Canyon!! A beautiful 2 hour nap was followed by an afternoon at the spa and a night of clubbing!! [On the VIP lists!! It was crazy but cool to pass up 3 and 4 hour lines to get in!! Sometimes it pays to be ALL GIRLS!!]


I have discovered "buttonholing" in the heli is NOT my favorite maneuver! (BUT Kevin was a kindred spirit & an all around GREAT GUY who did his best to keep SMOOTH sailing for me, Bridge, & Ashlyn--who was on her honeymoon from Ireland!)

The experience left the Grand Canyon nearer to the top of my "Places I want to visit" list!


Dance! Dance! Dance! I SAID!!

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