Sunday, October 12, 2008

Time FLIES too quickly!

We had to say goodbye to our little visitor today :( and to his Mommy & Daddy too! (oh yes, they came to Texas as well!) There aren't enough hours in one weekend to soak up proper time with those you love! It just seems like the minutes melt away SOOOO fast!

Here are a few moments I haven't shared yet:


Morning entertainment with Aunt J while Mom & Dad pack the car... This big boy can go down the slide all by himself now!! :)

Climbing back up!! We had the playground to ourselves for a little while so he had free reign of the slide! YIPEE!!!!

SWINGING!! :) Andy's vocabulary is growing by the day!! :) He was mimicking me when he was on the swing --- "Wheeeeeeeeee!!!!" SO CUTE!!!

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Diana said...

Nice blog.
Beautiful pictures and song.
I love it.

Keep blogging.

Good luck