Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas from the 'Burg!!

M and I were SO happy to FINALLY get to spend some moments with our friends G & S, our brilliant godson L, and his adorable sister A!! We hadn't seen them since their move back to Mississippi from New York so it was a LONG awaited reunion!! I'm happy to say we had a WONDERFUL time together which made us a little sad about the number of miles from Hattiesburg to Houston. We will cherish every moment we spent with them this Christmas!! Thanks for such an awesome visit you guys!! :) It was an evening full of pirates, sinking ships, sharks, elves, fairies, and a dress-up like Santa....the night of make believe moments brightened my whole Christmas!!

Isn't this the smartest and most handsome young man?? :) We are so proud of our godson, L --> who is growing up WAY WAY TOO FAST!!! He even read me a book about bats!! It was very special to hang out with him! We love you sweetie!

This is L's precious and FUN little sis, A!!! We had so much fun playing!

WARNING TO READERS IN BLOGGYLAND: This is the dreaded Tapi Yoki tree! This tree can snap you up in an instant if you aren't being true and good!! SO LOOK OUT FOR THEM IF YOU ARE EVER IN only grows there!!

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