Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!

It was an unusually quiet Christmas morning for us. We postponed and rearranged so many things leaving us feeling a little out of the ordinary for the start of the day. Mom cooked a delicious Christmas dinner with occasional sous-chef help from Dad and I. We ended up having a good evening and an overall very Merry Christmas! Hope everyone else enjoyed their day!!

Mom may have to rethink putting candy canes within toddler reach on the Xmas tree! This little man was trying to eat it through the plastic! Heehee! He was QUITE STICKY when he finished too!! :)

Chunky puzzle mania!!

The fire truck ride is awesome Poppa & Nonna!! :)

This china has an amazing story! My grandfather traded his cigarettes for it during WWII! It was hidden in a barn, transported in wheelbarrows of hay, and shipped home from Germany to my grandmother! I feel just in awe when I think about it! It was fun to set the Christmas table with it today!

Christmas Tree 2008

My favorite Santa from the Frog Farm

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