Sunday, December 21, 2008

To Grandmother's House We Go... :)

The whole gang took off to Grandma's for Christmas!! It has been a while since we ALL were able to make it at one time! It was great fun! I always LOVE spending time with my Grandma and seeing my Uncle J, Aunt S and any other family that happens to be around! This year we were blessed to see my cousin and his beautiful family who had just made it in after a long drive from Tennessee!! It was a terrific day that I was sad to see come to an end! :) Enjoy the pictures! MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!!

We have a "wrapping" tradition for this trip! For as many years as I have been able to use scissors....(*giggle* well, maybe not quite THAT long...) I have wrapped gifts ON THE WAY to Grandmas!!! (yes, its true that I come from a distinguished line of procrastinating folk)

It is difficult to take a pic of a boy you are holding but this one surprised me! I like the sweet look on Andy's face...I have no idea what he was looking at???

There are still places in Louisiana that beautiful Spanish moss grows! Andy thought it was cool!

Andy could touch the moss from the ground on this tree!

Second cousin play!! K was such a sweet sharer of her new toy! They are both SO cute!

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