Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Bunco Fiesta!!!

Before I go into the whole BUNCO thing....let me set the scene! I have just walked in the door with Jack-in-the-box-in-a-bag for dinner. It is dark, nearly 8pm. I have just settled into the comfy chair, shoes off, eating a french fry, chatting with the SO about our lack of getting ready for our "2nd LOAD" due to arrive in less than a week when the doorbell starts crazily going off. We look at each other like "we know NOONE here so WHO could this be????" SO we first ignore it...thinking surely they'll figure out they are at the wrong house and go away!!! But NO! the doorbell is then joined by fierce KNOCKING.....looks like this will require F2F contact!

It's SUPERLOIS!!! Dragging me....literally will not take NO for an answer to BUNCO! I'm thinking what in the heck is BUNCO anyway?? I assure her I have never played and I'm braindead so have no capacity to learn!!! (Know that she is now trying to pull me out my front door in bare feet and scrubs!!) By now I remember who I'm dealing with.....you just can't say no to SuperLois! So I climb the stairs, throw on a pair of jeans, a tee, a bit of makeup and begrudgingly go with her to be a SUB for BUNCO! I am literally thinking that this will be a bunch of old ladies playing some BORING game and I'll be looking at the clock every few minutes wanting to go HOME!!!!

GEE!! (I'm resurrecting a term-gone-by just for this post) Was I wrong!?! :) [OK it WAS a boring game and I was the younger generation in attendance!] BUT WOW do these ladies know how to party!?! It was two hours of the loudest laughing group of ADD women drinking margaritas (even wearing bunco jewelry--they take this thing seriously here in Texas) I have never seen anything to beat this!!! I would be LYING if I said I didn't have a fabulous time!! It was a HOOT!!! :D Who knew you had to decorate and cook all day in preparation for a monthly BUNCO game???

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MississippiZen said...

sounds like you are having fun there .... I guess if we talked anymore I would know that already :)