Thursday, July 5, 2007

Happy 4th of July!!!!

OMG!!! Is it July already?? Where have I been since June 11th?? I'll backtrack to fill in a few days below this post if anyone wants to see ANDY :) you might want to backtrack with me!

OTHERWISE---> HAPPY 4th of JULY TO EVERYONE!!!!! My celebration of the day turned out SO much different than I planned! I was supposed to be at a stellar party hosted by my favorite neighbors out in Richmond BUT....

Here is how it went down: I get off of work (yes, work---new gal gets short straw to cover holiday) sometime after 5ish and I'm RUNNING home to change, grab my yummy dip, Odie, and jump in the car to head to the festivities!!! HA! Since I'm sure noone is interested in the gory details.....let me foreshadow the events of my afternoon with this moving tip: ALWAYS TAKE YOUR PLUNGER! (throw something else out that won't fit in the van but NOT the plunger!!!) OK so after I have diverted disaster by all that goes with the not-so-fast trip to Wally world for the plunger it is nearly 8pm! OH WELL--->the 4th is a wash!!!! WHAT????? NO WAY!!! I did buy myself a red, white & blue cupcake while making the maddash to the store so let's salvage this thing! (oh is THAT pathetic!! *ROFL*) As I pull my fishsticks (NO yummy grilled hotdog for me!!) out of the oven I start to hear fireworks outside!!! FIREWORKS!! YIIIIPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE FIREWORKS!!! (really that is putting it very mildly....I love fireworks so much that if I ever find I'll be truly blind one day I will spend as much as I can gather on fireworks and let my favorite godson (or maybe his children--heehee)(HE loves fireworks almost as much as me) come launch them while my hopefully really old self can still see!!!) YES!! I ate my fishsticks on the patio while observing AWESOME fireworks from every direction! Not the night I planned but still a great 4th nonetheless!!! Maybe there ARE good things about living in the white hood after all....


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