Monday, July 27, 2009

Happy Birthday Jeff!!

Happy Birthday wishes today for my little bro! ;) I'm the luckiest sis to have such an incredible brother! He is such a sweetie! I love watching him be an incredible husband and father! HAPPY BIRTHDAY J!!! I LOVE YOU!!! :)

We spent the morning at the park! It was super fun but HOT HOT HOT!!! We ALL needed a nap after that! The evening was spent celebrating Jeff's day!! Have I told anyone how much the little one LOVES cake?? It is hilarious!!!! What a cutiepie!!

Slides are fun!!

Can't you just hear the giggles???

Happy Birthday songs for Jeff!! Andy got two spoons out of my drawer all by himself! He is READY for some cake! :) He helped blow out those candles for his Daddy too!

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