Saturday, July 25, 2009

McCoy's Littlest Redhead comes to Houston!

& his parents came too! *heehee* I just adore my nephew---that is NO secret! :) It is SO much fun to watch him grow! One of my favorite moments from this visit happened when I least expected it! I noticed he was soooooo sleepy & asked my little bro if he thought Andy would let me take him up to bed. Jeff said SURE! We had already had a blast with the new tub toys(I'm trying to get every different rubber ducky I can find) during a warm bath! We played & played in the Thomas the train tent(Thanks Catherine & Connor)! Odie & Andy played and played chasing each other around and around the bottom floor of our house! So my little one was TIRED ;)...I scooped him up, found the paci and took him up to a nice soft bed! I was all worried that he would cry because I wasn't Mom or Dad---> as I laid him down & covered him up, he looked up at me with those beautiful baby blues and said (pacifier in mouth) "I love you Aunt Juju" when his little eyes were closing! OMG!! I was teary eyed and happy kissing him goodnight-->"I love you too Andy!" I ABSOLUTELY ADORE THIS CHILD!!! I am SOOOO blessed to have him in my life! :)

Enjoy some fun pictures of Day one below: :)

Terrible TWOS come to Houston!! :)

Yes, the whole box! :) *ROFL*

TERRIBLE TWOS......Take 2!! And yes, the whole roll!! Apparently I don't understand "kid-proofing" the home! *teehee*

Here is the "innocent" face caught red handed! :)

Thomas is SOOOO much fun!

Can you see Andy tumbling out the door? Choooochooooooo!!!!

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