Sunday, July 19, 2009

South Padre Island

Our fantastic friends, the Kaminskis, treated us to a wonderful few days in South Padre for vacation!!! We crashed their vacation pad and had a TOTAL blast!! There is nothing like good friends, sweet kids, yummy food, hunting crabs by flashlight, PIRATES, kites, sea turtles, fireworks, waves, sun & surf to create tons of terrific memories for summer 2009! It was amazing! Thanks so much Bridge & Stan!!!

One of my favorite moments was watching Catherine SAVE what we think was a sea snail from certain death after it washed up on the beach and was being poked at by some grown beachgoers! Cat marched right into the middle of this group...saw they were possibly hurting what she thought was still alive.....scooped up the yucky gelatinous looking blob and brought it over to our tent! What a brave girl! After putting the blob into her sand bucket with beach water----> a beautiful sea snail began to swim!! It was really amazing! She released it back into the Gulf after a few more minutes---what a SUPER young lady!! :) It was refreshing to see the animal through her eyes!

Other favorite moments included feeding the sea gulls and eating watermelon on the beach sharing with everyone! It was a great time and SO RELAXING!! Good friends like these are hard to find and we cherish every opportunity to hang out with them! :) What a fantastic summer memory!

Har!!!! PIRATES!! Shiver me timbers!!!

The Black Dragon awaits!!!

A REAL cannon fire!!

Fireworks over the bay!! I just LOVE those fireworks!!!

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