Sunday, July 26, 2009

More fun with the J. McCoys!

Day two found us in the pool and cooking! Matt made some incredible ribs!! Odie & Andy (who have been friends since they first met) nearly wore us all out playing in the pool! Andy is really doing well in the pool! He is not afraid at all with his swimmies on! "I do it" is his quotable from the weekend! He is talking up a storm and will repeat nearly anything you ask him to. He is all about being a big boy and doing things for himself. He is beginning to figure out using a fork and spoon, can drink from a cup all by himself and is pushing every limit he can!! :) Independent & mischievous year TWO!! :)

Odie has the rubber duckie!

Odie with the quarterback sneak!

Andy wins this round! 6 points! Will he make the extra point?

Yummy! Matt's ribs ROCK!! :)

Mama & her boy!

This is one happy family!

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