Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Hey bra! Are we spongers??

Depending on who you chat up here on the isle....a 'fellow' sponger will tell you they can catch the waves later, do better tricks, and catch MORE airtime than any surfer ever could......a surfer might give you an earful of why the sponging parasites should not be stealin' the waves!! Heehee--> from my SO's perspective he just says there is a REASON you don't see any overweight surfers out riding the tube!!

WHATEVER your take on the debate--SPONGING is the way to go for beginners!! We have the bruises, scrapes, cuts to PROVE it....ahhhh but NO emergency room visits which we did witness on Sandy beach! Those waves can be brutal man!!

We basically spent the day sponging the waves which are supposed to be dying down soon!



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