Friday, February 9, 2007

Today was one for the books!

Here is the quick snapshot of my day--a most unexpected day indeed! It involved a 4 am rise, a surprise "party", chaos in the therapy gym, the Oscar Mayer prayer, a yellow lake, lots of hugs, king cake, flax seed, "one more 'round @ Roman's", too many MEETINGS, a hold up with a butter knife, 8 - 10 RUNNING police officers, repeated signatures, enough paper to build a tree, and after-work drinks with the girls!!! WHEW!!!
I am TIRED now as I sit for a moment to reflect on ALL that has transpired since I got wearily up out of bed! (YIKES, I am sounding OLD!!) AND still tonight I have to PACK, wash clothes, make a "honey-do" shopping list, clean out my purse (OMG you should SEE THAT!! --embarrassing!), shave, paint my nails.....surely that isn't ALL :D and try to grab a few hours of sleepy time since I have one more work day before we speed to MS, drop off the "kids", and wake at the crack of dawn to drive into NOLA for the airport!!! I'm am SURE to forget half of what I need but once on "island time" I will be OK!!
THANKS so much to Ruth, Angela, Monica, Ashley, and Amy for going out of your way to make today super special!

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Peter... said...

Sounds like a vacation is certainly in order. Watch out for Menehunes while you are there!