Thursday, February 15, 2007

Island time for one and all!! :)

What is it about all of us on the mainland U.S. that we RUSH around SO much from on thing to the next? I vote we ALL adopt island time!! Since we arrived, we have met three families who relocated to the islands for that very reason-->a slower more relaxed PACE to life. Ultimately all of our "running" gets us nowhere--more stress, more things, no time.....we spend more time with NO TIME for the people and things we love and enjoy??!!?? ISLAND TIME--that is the way to go :) I know some of you reading this are thinking that 'Ginnytime' is already very close to island time but I promise you being surrounded by people who all live this way is INCREDIBLE!! (or maybe it is just that everyone is late for things and not just me)
...maybe that is part of why these islands call to me now??

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