Monday, February 5, 2007

Unexpected dinner date :)

THANK GOODNESS FOR A DELIGHTFUL RESCUE FROM THE BOREDOM OF MY (supposed to be very busy) WEEKEND!!! Grogan & B surprised me this afternoon by stopping by on their way back from Houston to hang out a while and grab some Za!! :)
You should see the geckos I agreed to babysit for a year or two! They are HUGE --kinda scary looking--and are by report very "sweet". I think I am afraid! I really get myself into some good ones at times *ROFL* ANYWAY they eat the same thing as our resident froggies (the live ones not the cute plastic ones in my kitchen window) so, of course, I volunteered my SO and I to "babysit."

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MississippiZen said...

where is the pic of the GECKOS?