Monday, November 24, 2008


Thanks goodness for bad weather forecasts...I still have some company at my house. I was lucky enough to get home from work tonight in time to see my littlest nephew before he went to bed! :) I even got to give the babe a bath!! We had a splashing good time! There was blue soap everywhere and no tears were shed even during hair washing!

Andy is the cutest right now! He won't imitate something you say right away but give it a minute and there he is chatting to himself the very thing you wanted him to say before! He followed me around tonight when I got home from work and that TOTALLY made my day!!! *beam* He makes the most precious car sound when playing with anything that can be a real or pretend car! He says "Bye-bye", "NO", "All gone", "Mama", "Daddy", "Cucu" (for coffee milk), and "More" really clearly. He tries to mimic most sounds anyone says and is babbling up a storm! He loves to play with my umbrellas in the stand by the door and with any big people shoes he can find! He even was sweet enough to bring M a bottle of wine from the wine rack! (YIKES....looks like we missed a few things in our baby proofing moments!! *heehee*) His biggest buddy here in Texas is Odie! They have spent literal hours chasing each other with Andy giggling and Odie barking the whole way! Andy loves to steal Odie's toys to tease Odie and to play with them! I think Andy has spent as much time playing with Odie's toys as his own on this trip!

What a great extended weekend it has been! AND of course the COOLEST part of the day--> IT'S B'S BIRTHDAY!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY B!!! I feel so happy to have a silly sister in law that I love dearly who LOVES my little bro so much!! She is such a loving mother! It has been fun to hang out with the birthday girl and family this weekend!!!! HOPE YOU HAD A GREAT BIRTHDAY B!!! WE LOVE YOU!!! :) know the picture sharing is coming! :) Enjoy the latest pics of my favorite little shadow from tonight!!

Tub time FUN!!!!

Playing amongst the blue foamy waters... :)

Odie is never far away when his buddy Andy is around!

Even when getting dry & dressed...the playing never stops!!

On a completely separate note, here is my lemon crop harvested by M. if anyone is following the continuing horticulture saga :) Any suggestions for what I should make out of them special for the Thanksgiving holiday??

Playing in Aunt J's shoes

Sweet smelling clean boy ready for bedtime :) I just LOVE this kid!


Brandy Andy And Jeff said...

OMG!!! wonderful pictures! If I do say so myself, that is one CUTIE BOOTIE! If you love me you will send those to walgreens for me...please!! Love the Update!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Girl! Love the pics! Call me !
Love you

michelle and jason said...

How cute is he with all the red hair! So sweet . . .