Sunday, November 9, 2008

Tigers & trails weekend!

We had a late start to our weekend on Saturday! (maybe it was a hint of the gameday blues to come??) Poor tigers! We had a TIGER-WATCHIN' party at a friend's house! We passed a good time as dem cajuns say! It's a good thing we had good company and good food since the game definitely turned out differently than we would have liked! BUT WE SURE GAVE THAT CRIMSON TIDE A SCARE YEAH!!!!!

Today M and I loaded up the bikes and went to Addicks Reservoir for a ride! It was a beautiful morning and the trail wasn't very crowded! I still pathetically can only manage 8 miles an hour average speed :( (*heehee* but I AM carrying quite a load)!! We had a nice time despite my slowness!

I plan to cook my tindora rice tonight and M will grill us something! :) Hope everyone is having a FABULOUS weekend!!


A view from the path!

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MississippiZen said...

so sorry to hear of the loss .... especially to Bama!

Wish I could join you for dinner ... miss you