Sunday, November 30, 2008

Giving thanks...

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday! M and I were happy to have my parents visiting for Thanksgiving! It was a small group but the merriment was large! :) We had a terrific time! B. joined us on Saturday for Thanksgiving part 2!! The only bad part of the holiday was that it had to end! Thanks for everything Mom and Dad!!

Did everyone have a chance to think about what you are thankful for?? Family & friends definitely top my list. HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!

Our local grocery sold bread cornucopias which totally made my day!! I have always wanted to decorate with a cornucopia for Thanksgiving and this year I got my shot! I had great fun!

Dad and I had a blast setting the table again! It is such a good time to have everyone busy and bustling around to cooking, chatting, and doing little things to make the holiday so special!!

Mom and I tried our hand at adding little pastry leaves to the pumpkin pie!

Here is where the home grown lemons ended up! YUMMY!! We sliced a few for tea as well!

Odie had more family visiting than we did--his parents AND his brother came! They got into lots of trouble together but had lots of fun! Remember my famous red boa from Vegas??? Well, the boys thought it was great fun TOO!! See Odie in the corner of the pic trying to pretend he is not involved?? :)

AND Teddy even did some hunting...

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