Saturday, November 22, 2008

Texas Renaissance Festival 2008

We are so excited to have my little bro and his family visiting this weekend for the kick-off to their Thanksgiving WEEK off from school!! (I am SO VERY jealous!!!) They got in late Friday night and after a bit of a slow morning we drove out to Magnolia, Texas for the big Renaissance Festival!! The traffic was a NIGHTMARE but we had a great day anyway!! :)

I'll share some pictures from our adventure!! Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend! HUGS FROM HOUSTON!!!

It is a bit like Renaissance Disney! I was amazed at how elaborate the buildings are! This is the outer gate!

WELCOME to the Ren Fair!! Come one! Come all!

Check out this Bier Garten SMILE!!! :)

Andy had his 1st carousel ride.....on (you guessed it) a MONKEY!! :)

I think he would have liked to ride on ALL of the figures!

Barbarian Invasion was the weekend theme! I think this is my vote for the best (& scariest....if you dismiss the "Oh NO they didn't!" costumes we saw...) costume of the day!

Another troupe of barbarian costumers

I can't WAIT until Andy wants to ride this one! FUN!!

Scene from the fair! It really is very pretty with the beautiful wooded setting!

A wedding processional! We had to "CLEAR THE WAY FOR THE BRIDE!"

My sweet nephew LOVES kettlecorn!

Check out this cutiepie smile while we were waiting for the show to start!

Promenade before the jousting starts

Pretzel anyone???

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