Saturday, April 4, 2009

40 years and counting...

Anyone who knows a smidgen about me knows how much I love, adore, and respect my parents...

This past weekend we went home to the Frog Farm to celebrate their Ruby Anniversary! 40 years since they said "I DO" It was a weekend full of moments I hope I'll remember forever! We pulled out their wedding album and heard stories of church decorating, extra cool chicken salad sandwiches, giggling girlfriends getting ready upstairs at my grandmothers' house, the "locked up" VW beetle that somehow got decorated anyway, Dad putting the finishing touches of greenery at the church with his suit ON as guests started to arrive (hmm...that one is really familiar *heehee*), and forgotten hanging bags on the way out for the honeymoon! The pictures of the day brought about many memories for both of them! We celebrated with a special afternoon in New Orleans at an old family favorite restaurant, Mandina's. THANKS SO MUCH to Diane, our waitress, who went OUT of her way to make the meal special! We finished the night with coffee and homemade strawberry shortcake at home. Wish we could have had you all there to join us!


Here's the happy couple! :)

Can you see the anticipation of that bite in Andy's eyes?? He was so cute..he followed the cheesecake around the table as we all had a taste! OH YES--it was YUMMY!

Me & the little guy (with M in the background)

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Brandy said...

Oh sister! You MUST let me have a printed picture of the one of you and Andy. It made me tear up! I will send you some if you send me that one.