Saturday, April 18, 2009

Join the Movement!!! MS 150 on the Move!

OH MY!! This weekend has been VERY different from what we expected!! The 25th Anniversary of the MS 150 HOUSTON --> AUSTIN has proven to be problem prone! The RAIN and thunderstorms coming through yesterday and today have literally FLOODED the big campground in La Grange, TX that was our destination tonight! SO--> the MS Society was forced to CANCEL Day 1 of the ride for the FIRST time in the history of the ride! That has sent all teams and riders SCRAMBLING to figure out what to do and how/when to do it!!

Team Tenet had a 2 1/2 hour powwow conference call to decide what would happen for us! We have just returned from braving the morning thunderstorms and a delicious carb-loading lunch at the hospital (THANKS CHEF MARK, JIM & GENE!! You guys are awesome!)! We grabbed that opportunity for a partial team picture as several members were flooded into their subdivisions and couldn't even make it out!! It's CRAZY over here I tell ya!!!!

Now the plan is to get as many riders to the starting point as possible and the rest will meet up at the finish line in Austin!!! WISH US LUCK BECAUSE WE NEED IT!!!!
I'll post a few pics from the festivities so far!! :) HAPPY RIDING EVERYONE!!!

This is a shot of our depiction of the MS 150 route we used for fundraising! Isn't it cute!! This first part starts at our hospital goes through Bellville and ends in La Grange to camp for the night--which would have been happening today if it hadn't been cancelled!

Here's Day 2 from La Grange through the park and into the state capitol, AUSTIN!! (& home to the University of Texas--> HOOK 'EM HORNS!!)

Here is the wacky Cy-Fair bunch! Team Tenet was made up of the four Tenet hospitals in the Houston area! The Cy-Fair gang is mostly a bunch of newbies to the cycling sport but we sure have had fun!!!

This is my bud, B. trying to force my husband to smile! :) I think she succeeded!! YAY!

This is the maiden voyage for TENET sponsoring an MS 150 team and we hope it will become an annual event for the corporation here in Houston! Here is the first ever Team Tenet jersey that we all (or most of us) signed today! It will be framed and hung somewhere in the hospital for many years of happy viewing!!!

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