Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Scenes from the park...

I'm backdating again but bear with me life is as busy as ever! :)

M and I had a fabulous two days soaking up the city I love! I got a rare chance to share some of the places dear to me with my sweetie. After our usual mishaps and shenanigans, we actually made the park in time for a terrific picnic....a nice walk...and a drive by the museum & sculpture garden!

Our first day ended as it should ;) ...on Bourbon Street!! WOOHOO!! (and somewhere in the distance they heard..."Let's party like rock stars!!" *ROFL* (maybe 10 years ago...) Oh yes, we were in bed by 1:30am!! I know, I know....it's shameful!

I NEEDED IT!! Enjoy the pictures! :)

This little one joined us for our picnic! I thought he might ACTUALLY sit down with us for a few moments!

Who loves to feed the birds....ducks....fish....pigeons :) ME!! M snapped this cool pic of my adoring fans as I doled out the goodies!

Regal beauty! I wonder how long these guys have stood guard over the pavilion in the park?? I can remember climbing on them when I was 4...3?? AND THAT WASN'T JUST YESTERDAY ;)
The gloaming on Bourbon & view from our balcony!

Anyone guess where this is? ALL my peeps---> YOU know this one!! :)

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