Sunday, April 19, 2009

BP MS 150 25th Anniversary!

DESPITE the cancellation of Day 1's festivities, the BP MS 150 ROLLED out with 11,000 of the original 13,000 riders! WOW!! What an EVENT the BP MS 150 Houston to Austin IS in living color!!! M & I did not ride but made the trek to Austin to cheer our fellow teammates across the finish line!!! The headwind they fought all day was FIERCE!! I totally teared up when we felt the energy at the finish line and NOW my quest to accomplish this tour de force is completely renewed!!

I'm SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO very proud of all of my teammates that trained together...they gave it their everything and crossed that finish line (whether on two wheels or SAG)!!!! I know Team Tenet will only GROW next year!! Only 5 months until sign up for the 2010 MS 150!!

We also had a wonderful lunch with Beth! She was such a sweetie to come pick us up on campus so we wouldn't lose our parking space downtown!! It was great to visit and catch up! Thanks so much Beth for the last minute get together! We loved getting to see you!

Enjoy the pictures taken in beautiful Austin yesterday!!! Have a wonderful week everyone!! HUGS FROM HOUSTON!!!

Big Texas hospitality & spirit is thick in Austin! It is such an incredible city!!

Austin's gorgeous Capitol building greeted the riders at the MS 150 finish!

Many MS Survivors lined the finish line with incredible signs of support!

This is the scene in front of the finish line! It is a little hard to see unless you double click and blow up the image! The numbers of supporters cheering the riders in was SO MUCH FUN!!!

These "Tough Cookies" are a female team to be reckoned with! ;) GO GIRL POWER!!!

The cyclists coming in on their last downhill stretch to the finish line in front of the capitol! It was an awesome sight to see! AND a beautiful day to see it!

Matt took this FANTASTIC pic of our girl Bridge as she was about to cross the finish line!! I was (of course) making a complete FOOL of myself screaming & cheering her through!! :)


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