Tuesday, May 1, 2007

AND they made an offer!!!

Oh yes, this is the scary part! We aspire to join the masses with our very own money pit!! We put an offer in today along with someone else (grrr...) and have had one counter. We have yet to hear what the outcome will be??? Maybe in the morning!! *bite nails here*

Are you wondering which house the couple chose?

If you know me or my family history very well, then you very likely correctly guessed: the brick looks-like-everyone-else's 2 story sort-of-a-project house with the yard in serious need of help!!!!! *cheer* *clap*

OF COURSE being of McCoy lineage I am a glutton for punishment and liked the "project" house the best!!! I was NOT alone in the decision so I cannot be held solely liable for this situation! If we could have swapped yards with the "awesome pool" house---BELIEVE ME we would have....ahhhhh but there would have been NO ADVENTURE in that! :) We are super anxious/excited about being insanely POOR for the next 5 to 10 years(while waiting hopefully for our salaries to catch up with the house note we will encounter)....I think we may have a real PROBLEM!!! (maybe it is the 15 to 18 years we have both spent in apartment life talking??)

SO-->any and all prayers and angel wishes will be appreciated by anyone reading for whatever is meant to be to come forth! Thanks! :) Take care all!

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MississippiZen said...

i can see the "flight of the bumblebees" from here .... it was practically impossible for you to get anything ready-made.... for God's sake, you don't even buy ready-made food LOL! (this is coming from the self-acclaimed box/bag/can queen!)