Monday, May 14, 2007

My friend who lost it!

OK, I'm backposting here but this is just too good to miss in the blog!

Picture this: I pull up innocently delivering cake decorating supplies around 9pm on a Friday night when my vehicle is surrounded by what seems like 30 boys ranging in age from 7 to 13 all asking like a hundred questions (all at once of course) and sweetly offering to help carry my one bag into the house! After I greet the ones I recognize and answer at least 20 of the hundred questions, they run off in a pack as quickly as they came! It was then that I got the opportunity to count...16....yes SIXTEEN boys and 1 very brave bold little girl are playing chase/tag/whatever-they-call-it-now in my friend's yard (and are ALL staying for a sleep-over)! I go inside [I should mention that 'go inside' is a bit of a task in itself since the boys have previously been warned their lives could be at stake if they track up the new carpet with the red mud from outside as its been raining for 3 days SO-->getting 'inside' involves traversing about 20 pair of a variety of shoes--see pic above...oops digressing again soooo on with-->] (I go inside...) remarking that she has DEFINITELY LOST her mind to find the kitchen covered in cakes that "we" are going to create into a guitar. [ need some history to fully understand this cake thing. Since her little ones were one (now 12 and 8) we have been making their birthday cakes...which I think are getting more difficult as we go.] She is calmly washing dishes, baking cakes, making party food for the big day (since this that I am witnessing is not the ACTUAL party --more children will be coming tomorrow-- this is "just" the "few friends" for the spend-the-night-part of the party) as all of this CHAOS is happening around her. Can you say SUPERMOM???!!! OH YES, SHE HAS CERTAINLY LOST IT!! It was hilarious!

Let me shorten another could-take-all-day story for you--->we create a four foot guitar cake that actually was recognizable; my favorite quotes of the evening were "Allen's bleeding--is that ok?", "We can wrestle but we can't bodyslam?", "Are you one of those famous cake decorators from HGTV?" and "Can you time me while I run to that tree?"; only one bottle of wine consumed to complete the project around 2:30am; only one catastrophe to the wall AND NO trips to the emergency room!!! UNBELIEVABLE!!! I have decided that you haven't really lived until you experience the noise, fun, and pandemonium that this party had going!!

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Anonymous said...

A HOLE IN THE WALL!!! Are you sure you did't have to take her to the emergency room? I am remembering one night with 5 or 6 cans of silly string and one vaccum the only worked half of the time. Are you sure you only had one bottle of wine?

Love Kelly