Sunday, May 27, 2007

BUT-->did it all fit?

Why OF COURSE NOT!!!!!! My previously described packratitis may not have included enough detail regarding the severity of my problem!! Here is a bit of what got left behind: a nearly full deck of plants, the beer fridge formerly known as college dorm fridge, the frogs and their not-so-small house, LOTS of what I termed as I locked the door "there isn't much left--we should be able to get it out fairly quickly" [insert hysterical laughter here]

THEN after 3 calls to SuperLois changing our "expected" arrival time (believe me when I say this woman deserves some kind of medal for being our real estate agent---she had NO IDEA what she agreed to when we signed her "we'll stick with you" contract) ---> we depart in caravan for HOUSTON, TEXAS amid very cloudy skies and with exhaustion all around!!! My SO had the lead, followed by bluebuggie & me, Penske driven by Dad, and Mom bringing up the BLOCKS-for-lane-changing rear in the MINIVAN!! OH YEAH---it was FUN!!!!

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