Friday, May 25, 2007

Dad to the rescue!!!

I know I have disappeared for a while but all who have moved before KNOW what I have been doing! :)

I'm backposting a few things to bring everyone up-to-date with our life...FROM TEXAS!!!!!

Dad arrived on Thursday evening to help us finish packing (heehee) and get organized (ROFL) for the arrival of the movers I got to help us get the furniture downstairs and on the truck!!! I honestly don't know what we would have done (and still would be doing) without all of his help!! Despite the craziness of everything, Dad has been the one who is able to focus and keep us on task!! Thanks so much for everything Dad! YOU are the best Dad a girl could ever hope to have!! (AND the best packer I know too--I'm talking we probably had 2 - 5% wasted air space inside the Penske thanks to Dad's stellar packing skills)

I knew it may be a bad sign when they walked in (FIVE 1/2 HOURS LATE) and said "Is all of this going on the one truck?" YEAH.....I thought it would, I mean it is a 26 foot truck supposed to hold a 3 to 4 bedroom house! SURE it will all go on the ONE TRUCK!!! After all, we only live in a 2 bedroom 900 square foot apartment! :) *ROFL*

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