Tuesday, May 8, 2007

A very bad day... :(

Yes, I was late leaving [around 6:30am Monday morning]....BUT --> did my day take a turn downward after the post of sweet nephew pics! Listen to this:

About 38 miles outside of Houston, my car started overheating!!! ACK!! OF COURSE I am on my way to meet the house inspector so I can't be delayed by more than 30 minutes or so... HA!!! That is not the way my day was to go! I stopped about 5 times---let my poor little buggie sit to cool off----looked under the hood (like I knew what I was looking for!!!) pondering what the heck I was going to do since everyone I know and love is MILES away at this point!!!! After only making 10 miles or less every time I COOLED off buggie and MANY frantic calls to my poor hubbie and dear Dad --> I FINALLY decided I wasn't going to make it to M & B's. So I pull off into this WONDERFUL neighborhood somewhere outside of downtown Houston (see pics---I could see the skyline so I ALMOST made it!!) (see the shut down warehouse I parked beside) My biggest complaint for the event is WHO WRITES THOSE STUPID HANDBOOKS FOR THE CAR????? I mean the section I'm reading on the side of the road is labeled 'Tips & Advice' --the only TIP I got referred me to the fuse panel of the car which after prying off the panel and nearly losing my fingernails before I figure out I can use a KEY (duh!) then holds some sort of SECRET CAR LANGUAGE symbols that make no sense and there are NO tips and advice to help you once you get to it!!!!! I JUST LOVED IT!!!!! (see secret VW language in pic)

LONG STORY SHORT---> after Houston police, Univ. of Houston police(was in a UH parking lot and didn't know it and yes, I always manage to attract a crowd--even in deserted parking lots), more frantic calls to my sweet DAD (thanks Dad!!), many calls to the poor schmuck who was called to tow me (turns out the shutdown warehouse part of town I died in is NOT on any map that AAA had), a LONG tow across Houston to the VW dealership, MISSED THE HOME INSPECTION COMPLETELY, calls to SuperLois, and the LAST RENTAL CAR OF THE DAY at Enterprise---> I finally arrived at Hotel Malwitz around 8 pm looking like a homeless person sunburned with a headache and near dehydrated (thank God I still hear Aunt Harriett telling me to bring water for a road trip whether you think you'll need it or not OR I would have been really dry)!!!!

B2 made me what I now consider to be the BEST MARGARITA I EVER TASTED!!! (Thanks so much B2!!) Needless to say I turned in early in hopes of salvaging myself before the interview on Tuesday!!!! NOT a GOOD DAY :( Stay tuned for the continuing saga...

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