Tuesday, May 29, 2007

We have arrived!!

We DID finally make it to Houston Sunday evening just before dark to the yummy smells of a baking ham with all the trimmings in the kitchen from SuperLois!! She honestly has been FANTASTIC and that doesn't even begin to describe her! :) THANKS A MILLION LOIS!!!

I have fast forwarded the last two days since ALL that was involved was sore muscles, lots of RAIN RAIN & more RAIN, off-loading the caravan into the garage in between the raindrops, shopping for a new fridge (since dumb & dumber thought we remembered that the fridge stayed with the house and were WRONG), moving in a "loaner" bentup fridge compliments of Home Depot, and attempting to get the "kids" acclimated to the new home. We even got in some YARDWORK!!!! Remember my mention that the yard was a bit of a MESS!!! (This could take a year.....seriously!)

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