Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Signed on the dotted line!

Well, the deed is done! We are homeowners!!! OMG!!! It was less painful than we thought. (I know-I know--> wait until we make the payments...and have stuff to fix...and begin work on all the projects in my head...)


I have a HOUSE!!! A real house!! I can paint the walls! I can mow the grass! I can make as much noise as I want without worrying about the downstairs neighbors!! I can make home decorating disasters!!! I can grow plants and dig up any part of the yard (albiet the smallest yard in the history of yards....my SO can mow this thing in 10 minutes..tops!) that I want to!! AND best of all instead of DUMPING thousands into someone else's investment...I can build equity in my own!! (WOW --> THAT almost sounded grown up!!)

YAY!!! A home of our own!!!!


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Anonymous said...

Just wait till you actually get to:paint the walls, plant the flowers, mow the grass!!!! Two and a half yaers into our dream home and we still don't have any pictures on the walls and only a few flowers in the ground, BUT ITS STILL YOURS TO DO ABSOLUTELY NOTHING WITH IF YOU WANT!!!!! I can't wait to see it!
Love Kelly
PS Andy is BEAUTIFUL!!!!
Give him a kiss for me