Thursday, May 10, 2007

Got the job!!!

Actually I now have 1 1/2 jobs ...not so sure what I'm going to do about the 1/2?? It will all work out. Spent the day MAKING myself handle all of the junk for my licensure and registration re: the transfer to Texas/renewal in Louisiana...etc. I KNEW if I went home there was NO WAY I could stay away from little Andy long enough to get it done so I've been bored and alone but busy finishing my procrastination pile!

More pics of my sweet nephew are on the horizon!! Meanwhile, have you met my other two nephews??? Angus(goofy-full-of-antics-not-so-coordinated-orange-&-white cat) & Kier (serious-observer-black-with-beautiful-golden-eyes cat) ---> they live at Hotel Malwitz and keep looking at me like "Are you back here again???" Kitties never fail to amuse me so I thought I would share the latest pics of my furry nephews to tide you over until the human baby appears on ginnydreamin again.... :)


-----Peter said...

Congratulations... house, job, car... sounds like you are actually (unlike most of us) getting a life. Reading everything you blog is quite fulfilling and wonderful. I guess you really are the real McCoy ;o)

MississippiZen said...

such cute kitties :) you know I have a sweet spot for them. Congrats on the though I know it is ALL bittersweet.
Love ya,